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From Concept to Reality... A Design/Builder Company

Locally owned & operated, serving Williamsburg and the surrounding areas for more than 35 years The Williamsburg community is something we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Daniel Greenleaf has developed a one-of-a-kind method to solve all of your drainage and erosion problems through a professional application of skills and talent for each project. Experienced in solving erosion concerns and installing retaining wall solutions.




Greenleaf converted a total mudpit of a back yard into a fabulous modern (and very dry) rock garden that yields me the opportunity to enhance the yard with future potted and in-ground plants. Really excited.

The best thing about the experience is that Daniel was there everyday making decisions as opportunities presented themselves. Great experience!

Peter Schoultz

Google Review

Daniel and his crew built a beautiful new retaining wall to replace our old crumbling wall. He included a custom-designed bench that is beautiful and functional and makes the area more visible so that vehicles don’t get too close.

He worked with us throughout the project and invited our input when he had to make some choices along the way, He also fixed a drainage issue in the driveway. His crew is busy and it may take him a while to get to your project, but the quality of the work is worth the wait.

Leonard H.


Daniel Greenleaf, Owner / Operator

Daniel Greenleaf is a working boss and is involved in all aspects of your project. As a native of Williamsburg, his extensive knowledge of the area means he grasps how drainage works best and where plants and trees thrive. You can trust his expertise!
Extensive work has been completed over the years in a 100-mile radius of the area. Including mature subdivisions of Kingsmill, Stonehouse, Governor’s Land, and Ford’s Colony. Call today and schedule a free quote with experts in drainage solutions.

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Greenleaf Landscaping

Designing and Installing Hardscape-Drainage and Organic Landscaping that work well together

Greenleaf Landscaping has a unique way of approaching your drainage problems. Upgrade your total landscape with a professional consult.
Virginia Certified in Drainage, Foundation Drain Systems, Sub-Surface Drain Systems including fine and structural grading
VA State License 2705092331 | Class B (CBC, CEM, EMC, H/H, LSC, RBC)
BBB A+ Accredited Business


Number One Original Drainage Specialist


Our company has created and modified drainage systems that work well with the environment.

We have focused in planning our drainage systems to work in harmony with new and existing landscapes and have been come to be known as the Drainage Specialist in our 100-mile radius working area.


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls can not only bring both beauty and structure to your living space, they help to direct and manage drainage and prevent erosion.

All of these things are important in Williamsburg, with its many different kinds of soil and water levels.


Patios, Decks & Walkways


We specialize in patios, decks and walkways, and we can help you find the best material to highlight your outdoor space’s best features and complement your home.

Locally, the most popular choices for patio materials are flagstone and paver patios


When the rain moves in... We Can Help

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Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia
Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia
Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia
Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia
Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia
Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Expert Williamsburg Virginia