When water has you in the doghouse... We Can Help!

Greenleaf Landscaping has a unique way of approaching your drainage problems. We can achieve your vision.

Our company has created and modified drainage systems that work well with the environment. We have focused in planning our drainage systems to work in harmony with new and existing landscapes and have been come to be known as the Drainage Specialist in our 100-mile radius working area. Our technique and plan is different from other companies that claim to know this business, but fail to provide what we can do in Sub Surface, French Drain and Foundation Systems.

Mr. Greenleaf has held an H/H & Storm Water State Licenses and County License for 30 years. We comply with County regulated code and compliance laws as well as State Licensing regulations based on our business qualification. We are always aware of guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when designing our landscapes & always choose environmentally safe materials. Such as natural stone for erosion control projects or wood or just using the correct type of dense scrubby- ground cover or trees to stabilize the situation. Our Company has trained professionals to prune and check scrubby, trees and grass.

Our Drainage and Erosion Improvement Plans

At Greenleaf Landscaping, we take the drainage and erosion process seriously. Our company has over thirty years of experience with proven results, showing that we can design and build for any situation.

​Greenleaf Landscaping offers total landscape and hardscape master plans as well as drainage master plans. We make sure you understand why it’s important to have a great planning phase in any project. We carefully work with developers to plan all drainage improvement projects to fit new hardscape or landscape plans before the work begins.

We have specialized in helping hundreds of clients with water drainage and erosion solutions for their homes and lots including hardscapes, swimming pools, greens rain gardens, subsurface French drains of all types, structural drainage, retaining walls, decks and patios.

We will let you know the best system to improve your lot and home before the project is approved by HOA and before it is scheduled to be installed.

Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Solutions

Installation Progression

Greenleaf Landscaping Drainage Solutions

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Contractor License
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2705092331 State License

Number One Original Drainage Specialist
Working in Williamsburg and the Surrounding Area for over 35 years

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