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Green Landscaping

Greenleaf Landscaping recycles a large percentage of natural materials and some man made materials. It just makes sense! Some materials can have two life times and some materials can be recycled to add character to a landscape or lower cost. Some customers have asked for recycled materials in great condition to be used so that the materials match the existing landscape. One of our specialties is designing and installing hard scapes, drainage and organic landscaping that work well together.

We have  developed several new types of subsurface drainage systems that perform better than other old style systems and allow the consumer commercial or residential more choices. Our technique makes our company unique and affordable; we design and install our greenhouses with recycling water & nutrients systems that use solar pumping technology as well as GEO Thermal Technology. We install rain barrel systems from roof gutters. subsurface systems into sister basins gravity fed H20 or solar pumped H20 to irrigation for landscape or gardens.

We have found that when new development happens however it was planned, storm water impacts old development when a new large building or house or project increases storm water direction or flow.  Greenleaf Landscaping & Green Industries can design and install large storm water systems that will direct storm water around buildings and or through neighborhoods to protect property and homeowners.

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OFFICE: (757) 566-2322
FAX: (757) 566-2322
CELL: (757) 342-8190